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New Austin and Decatur High Schools Furniture Package

New Austin and Decatur High Schools Furniture Package Featured Photo
Our two new high schools are going up around town! You may have seen renderings of what the outside of the buildings will look like, but now you can see more of what it will be like inside through the furniture package that's planned.

Decatur’s Biggest Outdoor Classroom Gets a Boost

Decatur’s Biggest Outdoor Classroom Gets a Boost Featured Photo
Thanks to the generous donation of $30,000 from Indorama Ventures, Wetland’s Edge Environmental Center (WEEC) is able to continue a free, nationally recognized outdoor classroom experience for 8,600 students of Decatur City Schools.

Middle School Ambassadors Selected!

2017-18 Middle School Excel Ambassadors
Congratulations to the following students who will serve as Excel Ambassadors for this school year. They are: Alan Clara Moguel (OP), Emmanuel Florenciani (CR), Mariana Garcia (BH), Jaquelin Gonzalez (BH), Baltazar Ortiz (OP), Pedro Ortiz (OP), Jerry Palma (OP), Belcy Ramirez (OP), Jose Luis Ramos Garcia (BH), and Jesica Tomas (OP). Ambassadors help host events at Excel and give tours to guests and new students. Felicidades a los siguientes estudiantes que servirán como Embajadores de Excel para este año escolar. Ellos son: Alan Clara Moguel (OP), Emmanuel Florenciani (CR), Mariana García (BH), Jaquelin González (BH), Baltazar Ortiz (OP), Pedro Ortiz (OP), Jerry Palma (OP), Belcy Ramirez (OP), José Luis Ramos García (BH) y Jesica Tomas (OP). Los embajadores ayudan a organizar eventos en Excel y ofrecen recorridos a los huéspedes y nuevos estudiantes.

EXCEL on Tour

October 24 Student Half Day
Students will have a half day of school on Tuesday, October 24. Brookhaven students will come to Excel's campus, but Cedar Ridge and Oak Park will stay at their schools. Los estudiantes tendrán medio día de clases el martes 24 de octubre. Los estudiantes de Brookhaven vendrán al campus de Excel, pero Cedar Ridge y Oak Park se quedarán en sus escuelas.

Veterans Day

Thank you, Veterans!
There will be no classes November 10, 2017. Classes will resume on Monday, November 13. Enjoy your weekend and thank a veteran! No habrá clases en el 10 de noviembre de 2017. Las clases se reanudarán el lunes 13 de noviembre. Disfrute de su fin de semana y dale las gracias a un veterano!

Music Class for Newcomers

Students learning how to play the dulcimer.
The newcomer class is learning how to play the dulcimer, the guitar and the violin. They meet once a week with an instructor from Decatur Youth Symphony at Wesley Memorial UMC.

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Our New Website! Featured Photo
Thank you for visiting our new website! Please check back often as updates are made, and click on article headlines to view full stories where applicable.

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Managing News Stories Featured Photo
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News Alerts

News Alerts Featured Photo
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In The Spotlight

Oct Students of the Month

School Spotlight

October's Student of the Month category was Most Creative. Teachers nominated both middle and high school students who exhibit innovation, originality, and talent. Three middle school students were nominated: Osvaldo Arteaga, Maria Lopez, and Jose Luis Ramos Garcia. Six students were also nominated from the high school. They were: Jesus Cruz, Juan Antonio Gaspar-Alvarado, Janeth Gonzalez, Emelina Miguel-Mendez, Eduardo Romero Salgado, and Veronica Salgado. One winner each was chosen for middle school and high school. Congratulations to 8th grader Jose Luis Ramos Garcia (below) and 10th grader Eduardo Romero Salgado (above) for being chosen October's Students of the Month!
La categoría Estudiante del Mes de octubre fue Más Creativa. Los maestros nominaron a estudiantes de intermedia y secundaria que exhiben innovación, originalidad y talento. Tres estudiantes de intermedia fueron nominados: Osvaldo Arteaga, María López y José Luis Ramos García. Seis estudiantes también fueron nominados de la escuela secundaria. Ellos fueron: Jesús Cruz, Juan Antonio Gaspar-Alvarado, Janeth González, Emelina Miguel-Méndez, Eduardo Romero Salgado y Verónica Salgado. Un ganador cada uno fue elegido para la escuela intermedia y la escuela secundaria. ¡Felicidades al alumno de 8º grado José Luis Ramos García (abajo) y al alumno de 10º grado Eduardo Romero Salgado (arriba) por haber sido elegido Estudiante del Mes de Octubre!
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Book study members pause for a train to pass at the second session held at Decatur's Historic Train Depot.

Community Spotlight

Excel just finished hosting a wonderful three-week book study on Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario. The book and sessions enlightened DCS teachers, counselors, and administrators on many of the hardships our recently-arrived students from Central America have endured. They learned why students have been traveling over 1,000 miles to be here. They also learned of the dangers and heartbreaks of these students' journeys. Thank you so much to Decatur High's EL Coach Joni Bair and Excel teachers Robin Clay and Kelly Elmore for initiating and leading this professional development for our community.
El Centro Excel acaba de recibir un maravilloso estudio de tres semanas sobre El Viaje de Enrique por Sonia Nazario. El libro y las sesiones aclararon a los maestros, consejeros y administradores de DCS sobre muchas de las dificultades que han sufrido nuestros recién llegados estudiantes de Centroamérica. Aprendieron por qué los estudiantes han estado viajando más de 1.000 millas para estar aquí. También se enteraron de los peligros y desgarros de los viajes de estos estudiantes. Muchas gracias a los maestros Joni Bair, Robin Clay y Kelly Elmore por haber iniciado y dirigido este desarrollo profesional para nuestra comunidad.
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